US intelligence contractor pleads not guilty to leaking charge

Jailed NSA Leaker Is Young Anti-white Anti American Social Justice Warrior

Contractor held in leak aired views online

The Lincoln Sheriff's Office declined to provide a copy of Winner's jail booking records and referred questions to U.S. Marshals Service officials, who declined to comment.

Winner's court-appointed legal representation, Titus Nichols, says that she plans on entering a not guilty plea, reports CBS, despite the U.S. Department of Justice's press release detailing that she "admitted" to the crimes.

The federal government has charged her with "removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet".

Winner's social media profiles (her Facebook page was taken down on Tuesday) show a socially-conscious twenty-something who loved to post photos of her pets and weightlifting sessions in between calls for solidarity with Dakota Access pipeline protesters and action on everything from climate change to police reform.

She faces a sentence that could result in 10 years behind bars.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has condemned the United States government over the arrest of Reality Winner, an NSA contractor accused of leaking top secret documents.

A federal judge ordered that victor remain held without bond after prosecutors argued during Thursday's three-hour hearing that she posed a flight risk and danger to the public, citing what they called "disturbing" comments in a notebook of hers.

"This is where they held her when they did the search of the house and this is where they interrogated her", said Winner's mother, Billie-Winner Davis.

Winner-Davis said that despite the allegations she remains "a proud mom". She's never run away from anything in her life. "Well, President Trump promised to crack down and now a government contractor has been charged with leaking about Russian interference with the USA election", bemoaned anchor Scott Pelley with the headline "Leak Crackdown" behind him.

"The document victor allegedly leaked is the same one used as the basis for the article published on Monday by The Intercept, detailing a classified National Security Agency memo". During that time, he said, victor provided real-time translation to Americans conducting field missions.

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"She still continued to serve after she got out of the Air Force".

"I'm pretty, white and cute", she allegedly told her sister.

"She called me on Saturday afternoon, and she told me she was in trouble", Davis said.

This Winner's not going down without a fight.

Winner's mother and stepfather told ABC affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta earlier this week that victor, an Air Force veteran, is a patriot.

That news outlet is widely believed to be The Intercept, which published a report Monday detailing an apparent NSA document that said Russian military intelligence attempted to hack a US company that provides election software.

Solari argued that victor isn't the upstanding young woman her parents believe her to be.

The information in the leaked document seems to go further than the USA intelligence agencies' January assessment of the hacking that occurred.

"We have the burden of showing that my client is not a risk of committing new offenses, that she's not a risk of fleeing", Nichols said, alluding to his intention to have her released before the trial begins. According to an Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent, victor admitted to both printing the classified document and mailing it to the news outlet in question.

Actually she used to take the original documents and sell it to the news outlet sites.

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