Admin revokes blocked program to protect immigrant parents

Homeland Security: 'Dreamers' can remain in US

Admin revokes blocked program to protect immigrant parents

The June 15, 2012 memorandum that created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will remain in effect. Data revealed last week by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services indicate that 17,000 new applicants were approved under the DACA program in the first quarter of 2017.

On the fifth anniversary of one of former President Barack Obama's signature immigration orders, the Trump administration rescinded a major piece of the policy, ending the deferred deportation of undocumented parents of children who are American citizens or legal residents. But it was never fully launched.

DACA, known formally as the "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" program, has formed a focal point of the immigration debate for several years, with critics arguing that Dreamers shouldn't be rewarded for breaking the law.

Almost 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants are covered by the program, and "there is importance in lifting that up, making sure we protect it and continuing to fight", he said.

"The continuation of the DACA program will allow an estimated 800,000 young people in the United States to study and work without fear of deportation unless they violate the terms of their DACA status. Indeed, DACA recipients continue to be arrested, detained, and deported under the President's deportation apparatus".

This is welcome news for the young people directly affected by DACA.

Shortly after it was announced, Texas and 26 other states filed a lawsuit challenging its legality. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers an immigration policy speech during a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center.

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"While mouthing the Obama-esque platitudes about innocent children caught in the system, the administration keeps granting deferments based on a program President Trump said is unconstitutional and vowed to abolish", the group said.

Numerous 800,000 immigrants protected by the DACA program did not know that they were in the country illegally, and many reportedly attended American schools from a young age. Both programs required that participants meet certain conditions, including not having a criminal history. Kelly said he made the decision after consulting with the US attorney general.

Some groups, which have condemned amnesty for immigrants who came to the US illegally, called on Trump to carry through with his promises to end DACA.

Whether or not DACA remains intact, the program affects roughly 800,000 illegal immigrants that are now in the United States.

Some Trump supporters will no doubt be indignant at a broken campaign promise.

After his election Trump changed his tone, saying in February that "we are going to try to take care of the Dreamers" and in April that Dreamers should "rest easy".

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