Juneteenth Celebrated for 19th Year in Fayetteville

Spectators at the corner of 12th and Chicon watch as the parade goes by. The quote on the wall pays homage to the neighborhood's black community. Store owners sparked anger last month after painting over a mural depicting famous black musicians and

Juneteenth Celebrated for 19th Year in Fayetteville

A Galveston native, Hayes Turner described the scene in an essay, "the 19th of June wasn't the exact day the Negro was freed".

Making Extraordinary Men, a new mentorship program for middle and high school students in St. Joseph started two months ago, and had a booth at Juneteenth to recruit more mentors and mentees.

Juneteenth celebrations started as a Texas tradition, but have since spread nationwide.

During the late 1970s, Texas state legislator Al Edwards strove to have Juneteenth declared a state holiday.

"Today symbolizes a lot, not just for the African American community, but for people of color as a whole".

Saturday's Juneteenth festivity at Ypao Beach wasn't the first time such a celebration had been held on Guam, Johnson said, but it was the first time it's been held on the "different age of social media".

It has been 154 years since Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipaton Proclamation.

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The 16th Annual Juneteenth celebration kicked off today at Ernie Davis Park in Elmira. In 1866, communities in Texas began celebrating the emancipation.

"I taught the kids a little bit about drumming and about how before Juneteent and the Emancipation Proclamation there was a time when it was illegal for black people to own a drum", Gaddy said. It comes and puts it in your face about where we have been and the history of everything but it makes me feel good that we have made such great strides.

There probably isn't a day that goes by when most people in this country don't miss the hell out of President Obama, but on days like this, the contrast can become truly painful. I also think it's important for people to know that the Johnson House [historic site] is here.

The African American Museum of Iowa has been Juneteenth all weekend.

The day has been celebrated ever since.

Donald Paulk, working in the Jesse Clipper American Legion Post No. 430 booth, said he wants to bring to light how African-Americans have shaped the history of the United States.

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