'Scalise took a bullet for all of us'

A victim is transported at the scene of a shooting in Alexandria

A victim is transported at the scene of a shooting in Alexandria

There was also a moment of silence for the victims of Wednesday's shootings.

It was unclear whether he had emerged from surgery as of mid-day Thursday.

Since then, the lawmaker has undergone multiple surgeries and procedures to stop the bleeding and fix bone.

President Donald Trump spoke at the White House, saying Scalise's condition is more hard than initially thought.

"We're competitive people by nature, and when you get to go out in a major league ballpark and play a kid's game, there's nothing like it".

"How dare they say such a thing". She noted that she has received numerous threats herself over the years, and is now the target of millions of dollars in negative ads in a House district in Georgia where a hard-fought special election will take place next week. She says that she's been getting calls to her home as a result.

It began with a video message from President Donald Trump.

For now, Scalise remains in critical condition in the hospital's intensive care unit. Mika reportedly has the most severe injuries.

The FBI said it was investigating the shooter's "activities and social media impressions" in the months leading up to the attack. More than $1 million has been raised this year for Congressional Sports for Charity.

Earlier Thursday, President Donald Trump commented on the congressman's condition, saying Scalise was "in some trouble" but that he hoped the congressman would be OK. On Wednesday night, Trump, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, visited Scalise at the hospital.

Hunt said after surgeons stopped the bleeding, they would've likely tried to control any contamination.

The GOP's Narrow Escape in Georgia
Handel will now serve out the remaining term of Tom Price , who resigned his Congressional seat to become Trump's HHS Secretary. Democrats must defend their current districts and win 24 GOP-held seats to regain a House majority next November.

Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, who was at the baseball practice when the shooting happened, said one of the lessons lawmakers learned from the shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in 2011 was to consult closely with local law enforcement. The article stated that the Republican team was gathered for one final practice before the gunman opened fire. Some 30 spectators watched the proceedings from the visitors' galleries.

The game is underway at Nationals Stadium on what seemed to be a warm but breezy day, where the crowd gave a standing ovation for Rep. Steve Scalise. Hodgkinson died after officers in Mr Scalise's security detail fired back at him.

Trump added, "We pray for all of the victims of this awful crime who are still recovering, including Zachary Barth and Matt Mika, both of whom are respected and cherished by so many".

After the hospital visit, Pence headed to Miami for a conference on Central America and meetings with the leaders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Both Republican and Democratic leaders at the game encouraged a sense of unity in the wake of the shooting during an otherwise politically rancorous time in Washington when the parties are sharply divided over healthcare legislation and investigations of the members of the Trump administration.

On Wednesday morning, a gunman ambushed the field where the Republican team was practicing in Alexandria, Virginia.

The House majority whip from Louisiana sustained a gunshot wound Wednesday while practicing for the Congressional baseball game.

Republicans and Democrats sat in different parts of the park - fans could state their party preference when buying tickets.

The game raised about $500,000 for charity a year ago, according to spokeswoman Meredith Raimondi.

The shooting at a baseball field that critically wounded a Republican congressman and injured several others is forcing lawmakers to ask what more should be done to ensure the safety of themselves and their staff.

Also hurt but released from hospitals were two Capitol Police officers, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, and House GOP aide Zack Barth.

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