China dismisses Arun Jaitley's remarks over 1962 conflict

India-China War Again? More Tension At Sikkim Border, Beijing Warns Indian Army To Withdraw From Doka La

'India-China border face-off was pre-planed to coincide with Modi-Trump meet'

"If they are trying to remind us, the situation in 1962 was different and the India of 2017 is different", Jaitley had said. India was "using the excuse of Bhutan's interests to infringe upon China's territory" and suggested India had sent its troops into Bhutan without the latter's permission.

China has pointed out to an 1890 treaty between Sikkim and Tibet to bolster its claims to the Doklam area of the tri-junction, and India believes Beijing is misrepresenting Delhi's position as well as prior agreements between the two countries.

"And even at the expense of the Bhutan's independence and sovereignty, they try to confuse right with wrong, which is futile".

China, this June, barred the entry of more than 300 Indian Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.

Meanwhile, at another maritime border, Beijing scrambled its naval ships and military jets to "warn off" a United States missile destroyer sailing close to an artificial island built by it in the disputed South China Sea.

China also countered Union Defence Minister Arun Jaitley's remarks saying that China of 2017, like India, is also different from 1962.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said India's action went against the "basic principles of United Nations charter and the global law and infringed upon Chinese territorial integrity".

On Monday an Indian navy source reported that Chinese military deployment in the area has created concerns about the increase in activity by Chinese vessels in the Indian Ocean region.

The commentary in Xinhua, considered an official view, said "despite its strategic discomfort, it is important for India to get over its "China anxiety" and carefully assess the initiative, recognise its potential benefits and seize the opportunities".

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India seconds Bhutan as the ownership of Doklam is yet to be decided.

Relations between India and China have deteriorated sharply over the past three years. "The India-China boundary in the Sikkim section is well demarcated".

Geng would not be drawn on whether the two could meet there, saying bilateral meetings for Xi at the summit were being arranged.

China has responded by expanding its longstanding partnership with India's arch-enemy, Pakistan.

The Sikkim border issue, involving Doka La, can escalate up to war between China and India, Chinese experts have predicted. There is more tension between the two giant economies in Asia over the Sikkim dispute at the border.

The article, written by strategic analyst Wang Dehua, recalled the 1967 conflict in the same region and said the Chinese army had launched "two destructive" counterattacks against Indian armed forces.

China has demanded immediate withdrawal of troops amidst warmings from Beijing that future visits to the Kailas Mansarovar would depend on the results of the standoff. The stretch is contested by both Bhutan and China, and strategically located very close to Sikkim. "The water-parting formed by the crest of the Himalayas is the natural frontier which was accepted for centuries as the boundary by the peoples on both sides".

Significantly, the standoff did not become public until June 26 when China released a complaint against India, just as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was about to begin discussions with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House.

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