Jerusalem's Old City on high alert over anticipated riots by Muslim worshippers

Israeli police in the old city of Jerusalem

Israeli police in the old city of Jerusalem

London [U.K.], July. 22: Three Palestinians have been killed in Jerusalem amid the increasing protests against new Israeli security measures at a highly sensitive holy site.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas announced the freezing of all contact between the two sides.

The Palestinian Red Crescent has put the number of those injured in East Jerusalem and the West Bank at some 140 people.

"A short while ago, a terrorist infiltrated a home in Neve Tsuf and stabbed 4 Israelis".

'The Israeli offer to keep the metal detectors in place, but only require suspicious individuals to pass through them, was unreservedly rejected by the Palestinians, ' he said.

Israeli media reported that the Palestinian attacker was shot and wounded and also taken to hospital.

Read the whole story from Reuters.

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Palestinian protests across Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday left three Palestinians killed.

The increased security measures around the holy site were instituted following a terror attack last Friday at the Temple Mount that saw three Arab Israeli gunmen shoot and kill two Israeli police officers.

Israeli daily Haaretz has reported that the Palestinian killed a father, in his sixties, along with his son and daughter, in their forties, and injured the mother. Like previous days this week, Muslims followed recommendations by clerics not to submit to the new Israeli measures by passing through the detectors to enter the mosque.

Israeli security forces fired rubber bullets at the rioters who officials say hurled bottles, rocks and firebombs, the jarring sounds echoing through the ancient alleyways.

Muslim men under the age of 50 were not allowed access on Friday to a contested Jerusalem holy site where the mosque is located, inside the Old City.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Omar al-Abed said he was avenging what he called Israel's "desecration" of a Jerusalem shrine.

Despite global pressure to remove the metal detectors, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet decided in Friday's early hours to keep them in place, saying they were needed to prevent arms being smuggled into the shrine.

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