PSX 2017: MediEvil Remaster Announced For PS4

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PlayStation Experience 2017 Presser: What Time is It, How to Watch

Thanks to that, Layden has indicated that he believes that PlayStation 4 will "humbly" maintain its "dominance in the video game market" during the coming year.

Given its usually slow pace, and all the gawking up at looming architecture, and monsters, The Last Guardian actually makes a lot of sense in VR.

The MediEvil remaster is in development for PlayStation 4.

Quantic Dream showcased an on-stage demo of Detroit: Become Human, which is now confirmed to be coming in spring 2018. Now, the game has the opportunity to find new life with a 4K remaster from the ground up. According to Sony it's meant merely as a "gift" to PlayStation VR owners, and no longer version is now planned.

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Soul Calibur VI, which was also unveiled at The Game Awards 2017, launched a new trailer that gives players a glimpse of the gameplay from the highly anticipated sixth installment of the fighting franchise.

Sony has also created three new ships just for the VR version, each of which has a unique cockpit view that works with head-tracking. The game is being "fully remastered" for the PlayStation 4. It's a terrific buy for anyone that is looking to pick-up (or gift) a PlayStation VR or PS4 system this year, and it's the lowest price we've seen for the VR system.

Sir Daniel and the cult classic hack and slash game have been dying for some sort of revival since MediEvil: Resurrection released back in 2005.

Of course, PSX wouldn't be the same without a host of new trailers.

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