Vivo Will Be The First Smartphone to Use Clear ID

Vivo is hugely popular in China and India.   Romeo Ranoco  Reuters

Vivo is hugely popular in China and India. Romeo Ranoco Reuters

Then, earlier this week, Synaptics announced it had found a way to embed sensors into displays.

We don't know when Vivo will ship this Clear ID-enabled smartphone, but I doubt it will be long. A lot of people speculated that Samsung is going to be that brand because it faced a lot of heat past year for the awkward placement of fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

That's according to analyst Patrick Moorhead, who wrote in Forbes about his experiences testing a pre-production phone with the new tech from Vivo. Its Clear ID fingerprint sensors have gone into mass production. The latter technologies are still big advancements in the mobile space, but the Holy Grail has been an invisible fingerprint sensor within your screen.

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The company has actually begun production of the sensor, dubbed the "Clear ID in-display fingerprint scanner". With Clear ID, smartphones are expected to have more flexibility in security functionality. The phone will come from Vivo who, while isn't entirely popular in the U.S., will likely make its name known across the industry as the first to embed a fingerprint reader in a display. Users will simply have to wake the phone by pressing the right side button and place their finger where an illuminated fingerprint is shown at the bottom portion of the display. Synaptics claims that its technology is faster than the 3-D face recognition technology introduced by Apple recently.

If you are a bit curious about the new in-screen sensor created by Synaptics, this is a small CMOS device planted below an AMOLED display. Synaptics on its part touts the Clear ID FS9500 as a "smart" technology that can detect fingerprints in various lighting conditions, can recognize wet or cold fingers, and detect attempts to spoof fingerprints. Instead, the iPhone X is equipped with facial recognition. It is unclear whether Vivo will continue its partnership with the San Diego, California-based chipmaker as Synaptics' technology is offering a similar and seemingly faster solution. It is Vivo which was hailed at 5th position by the IDC report. This is clearly setting a path for more smartphones to come with an "all-screen" design that integrates the fingerprint scanner with the display.

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