FCC certifies first at-a-distance wireless charging system

What makes the new Wattup Transmitter better than existing forms of wireless charging based on the widely accepted Qi charging standard is the fact that it works without physical contact between the smartphone that is being charged and the inducting devic

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"The FCC certification of Energous' power-at-a-distance wireless charging transmitter is a major market milestone", said Stephen Rizzone, president and CEO of Energous, "Untethered, wire-free charging - such as charging a fitness band even while wearing it - is exactly what consumers have been waiting for".

The WattUp uses RF-based power to recharge batteries up to 3 feet away from the transmitter along with any devices laid on the charger.

Wireless charging devices are already available, but have to be in direct contact with the phone or other device they are recharging.

San Jose, Calif. -based Energous received an OK for its WattUp Mid-Field wireless transmission technology that can send power at a distance of up to three feet.

The technology works by sending an RF signal to WattUp-enabled devices upon request. "We are now in a position to move our consumer electronics, IoT and smart home customers forward at an accelerated pace". All devices have to be outfitted with a specific receiver and now, and multiple devices can be charged simultaneously, within 15 feet of the transmitter. This differs from the resonant induction method that the Pi wireless charging system relies upon and offers a greater range than the Belkin and Mophie chargers that require physical contact with the device.

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PowerCast, of Philadelphia, won approval for its PowerSpot transmitter that uses a far-field approach, allowing it to charge multiple devices at distances up to 80 feet.

This is the first time the FCC has certified any wireless charger that works at a distance. The companies plan to show off their technologies at the upcoming CES electronics show in Las Vegas in January.

Energous plans to license its technology to manufacturers, and at one point was rumored to be working with Apple.

Energous Corp. hopes to bring this technology and system to sale at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

Rizzone did not reveal the name of the company, but said, "I can virtually guarantee that you have products from this company on your person, sitting on your desk, or at home".

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