Jimmy Kimmel plans for another turn as Oscars host

'We would have to call her President Winfrey': Jimmy Kimmel says he likes an Oprah run for president

Jimmy Kimmel plans for another turn as Oscars host

"Because if it happens one time, that's I think understandable, but if it happens a second time, no one is competent enough to be running a television show or network", he joked. "It hopefully got people to pick up their telephones and tell their leaders what they expect and want.I don't think it's particularly remarkable that Americans reacted that way". "I don't think it is".

Asked about a potential Oprah Winfrey presidency - the subject has galvanized social media since the mogul brought the house down with her Globes speech Sunday night - Kimmel said he was fully on board with the entertainer's potential turn to politics.

"Given the choice between Oprah and our current president, y'know, I'm on the bus with Oprah, traveling the country, encouraging people to sign up and vote", he said.

Downside: "We will have to call her President Winfrey. Obviously you're preaching to the choir in that situation", he said of the joke. "I don't know if we're prepared for that as a country". His performance previous year was highly praised, especially his handling of the now-famous best picture snafu, during which "La La Land" was accidentally announced as the victor instead of the actual victor, "Moonlight". "Suffice it to say that we'll probably deal with it, unless a nuclear weapon is heading to Sacramento that night", Kimmel allowed. His monologue [joke about feeling like hosting the Globes was like being] the first dog into space to see if he came back alive.

"We do have more male writers than others, but because I am inclusive, there are going to be some surgeries that take place", Kimmel said.

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As for his own plans to address Hollywood's #MeToo moment and the Time's Up movement at the 90th Academy Awards in March, Kimmel is taking a wait-and-see approach.

The host was also asked about his frequent on-air frenemy Matt Damon.

ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel described how his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" has evolved since Donald Trump rose to political prominence, in an interview published Monday by the Washington Post.

Kimmel said he has no intention of using the Oscars as a platform for that discussion, even if he plans to continue advocating for healthcare personally and on his show as needed. "I hope that we're focused on something else two months from now, but if there's a chance for me to give Matt a little elbow in the ribs, I'm always open to it".

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