Apple's Latest Vulnerability is the 'Text Bomb'

Warning: A simple text message can crash iOS and macOS

Receiving this malicious link through iMessage can freeze your iPhone, iPad and Mac

The bug is activated by simply sending a message containing a link which pointed to code on the programming site GitHub.

Apple has promised a fix is incoming for a malicious text message issue, which has been causing the iOS and, reportedly, macOS devices to freeze. "Btw, I always report bugs before releasing them", he wrote. Apple's response, apparently, was to get the code yanked from the internet, but that's, at best, a short-term solution. Once the victim clicks on the malicious link, the app gets bombarded by an overload of coding, causing it to crash indefinitely. On clicking the link, iMessage will crash completely.

Today in India, there are 740,000 app economy jobs attributable to iOS and Apple believes that this can increase substantially.

According to the BuzzFeed News report the bug affects iPhone X, iPhone 5s, and basically all iOS version 10.0 and up are impacted by this. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the upcoming software update released by Apple that patches the bug.

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A bug has been discovered in iOS that crashes the iMessage app and can freeze or restart your phone when you're sent a specially-engineered website link.

You can also block the Github domain in Safari, but that won't work if someone has posted the code on a different domain.

TrustedReviews suggests if users have received the link, quit the Messages app, delete the entire conversation thread using either the iPhone, iMac or MacBook.

Despite his actions and multiple e-mails to Apple for comment on the bug, the tech giant has yet to respond to the concern of the fans.

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