Sarah Sanders: Blame Democrats If the Government Shuts Down

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders

Manuel Balce Ceneta Associated Press White House press secretary Sarah Sanders

Jeff Flake's rant before the US Senate on Wednesday, calling the anti-Trump lawmaker's speech a desperate attempt to gain national "attention". "He went to Cuba a few weeks ago and served as a mouthpiece for the oppressive Cuban government", Sanders shot back, referring to Flake's comments earlier this month that there is "no evidence" that the Cuban regime tried to harm USA diplomats. Sanders said. "If [he is] who they want to try to portray him as, why did they want to be, you know, with him for years and years in various activities, whether it was events and fund-raisers and other things?"

"He's not criticizing the President because he's against oppression".

"He's criticizing the President because he has bad poll numbers", she concluded.

"Look, I wasn't in that room so I can go only off of what the individuals who were", Sanders answered.

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The communist regime in Cuba has denied launching the attacks, putting Flake squarely in defense of the regime's lies as he criticizes President Trump for oppressing American media.

She added that Trump remains committed to reaching a deal on immigration, but he won't agree to a bad deal. I'm standing right here taking questions.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was then pressed on the recent backlash from fellow Republicans in John McCain and#Jeff flake who criticized Donald Trump for his increased attacks on the media. "To act as if we are anything but open to that back and forth exchange is utterly ridiculous". Despite Sanders being rated as the most popular politician in the country by several polls past year, and Public Policy Polling predicting in July that he could beat Trump by 13 points in a head-to-head general election, Trump dismissed Sanders, 76, as being too old to run again.

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