Two-door Range Rover SV Coupe confirmed for Geneva reveal

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The Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe, as the new vehicle will be known on its birth certificate, is set to ditch the rear doors for a bit of added impracticality that has proven so popular with buyers of the likes of BMW's X6 SUV.

However, every Range Rover since 1981 - except the limited-edition 1991 CSK, which paid tribute to the model's original designer Charles Spencer King - has come with four doors.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's Chief Design Officer, said, "The Range Rover SV Coupe is a highly compelling design with peerless refinement and uncompromised sophistication from its breathtaking exterior proportions to its sumptuous, beautifully appointed, interior".

The Range Rover SV Coupe's interior will doubtless be a lovely place to spend time with gorgeous wood and leather everywhere you look.

What will it look like on the outside?

With a proper two-door silhouette, the SV Coupe is created to evoke (no, not Evoque) the original 1970 Range Rover. All of the 999 cars will be hand-built by engineers at Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division on the outskirts of Coventry.

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Right now, though, we'll have to take Jaguar Land Rover's word for it that the exterior is sufficiently striking to make those promises accurate.

So far only a teaser interior image has been released, revealing diamond-quilted leather seats and a wood-covered centre console running the entire length of the cabin.

The top-down view of the interior that Land Rover released today shows a typically sumptuous Range Rover interior with a unique split color scheme for front and rear passengers and more quilted leather and handsome wood than you can shake a stick at.

Watch this space for the full reveal on March 6.

Land Rover will probably start selling the Coupe by the end of this year, promising to offer its customers "an alluring combination of peerless luxury and rarity".

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