Why Isn't Lorde Performing at the Grammys? Sources Explain …

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Why Isn't Lorde Performing at the Grammys? Sources Explain …

Lorde is now the second nominee out of 5 for Album of the Year who won't be performing at the "Grammys" Sunday.

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards features a sizable showing for Lorde in the nominations, but don't count on seeing the "Green Light" singer-songwriter at tonight's shindig.

Lorde won't perform at the Grammys because she wasn't offered a solo spot, according to United States media reports. Instead, Lorde was asked to be part of a Tom Petty tribute singing "American Girl", which probably felt unusual since she's not American (Not surprisingly, Lorde turned it down).

Variety reports that after a heated back and forth, the singer refused to perform when producers wouldn't let her perform solo. The fact that she won't be performing feels like a glaring error, and a missed opportunity to celebrate one of the year's most successful records.

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Lorde's mother Sonja Yelich fanned the flames last week when she tweeted a photo of a New York Times article stating that of all the artists nominated for Grammys in the past six years, only nine flawless were women.

She reportedly is also refusing to appear on the Grammys' red carpet, as well.

A recent report in Variety claims that all the male artists in the Album of the Year category -Childish Gambino, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Bruno Mars - were offered solo performance slots.

Jay Z declined, but the other three artists are expected to perform solo at the ceremony on Monday afternoon (NZ time). She was 17 years old at the time.

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