Turkish troopers in Syria go away path of geotagged Instagram posts

Armenian man killed in Turkish shelling of Afrin

US general says not planning Manbij troop withdrawal

The locations range from Afrin or Azaz in Syria to border areas such as Reyhanli and Kilis.

"We can confidently say that all the suitable circumstances to end the painful page in the history of the Syrian people are present", Lavrov said.

The main Syrian Kurdish militia, which is fighting in Afrin and controls some 25 percent of Syrian territory, has also declined to attend the conference in Sochi, saying it holds Russian Federation responsible for the Turkish offensive.

"All those calling the Free Syrian Army (FSA) a terrorist group should reconsider it".

The Turkish assault on Afrin has exposed the ambivalence of the relationship between the Kurds and Assad, who does not see the minority as a direct threat but resents their emancipation. At least 5,000 civilians have fled the region because of the attack. This is an army that was made up in order to fight and keep their land.

PHIVOLCS warns Albay residents of lahar due to heavy rains
The accident forced more than 74,000 people to flee an 8 km danger zone around the crater and to remain in emergency shelters. DANGEROUS FLOW Grayish and black volcanic material cascade from the slopes of Mayon Volcano on Saturday.

The Syrian government and a war monitor said on Sunday that Turkish shelling of the Kurdish-held Afrin region of Syria had seriously damaged an ancient temple.

That city is now defended by a local militia trained to prevent ISIS from returning, Manning said.

Kurdish officials told AFP that Moscow had offered them protection against Turkey if they relinquished their territory to the regime and that Russian Federation pulled its air support when they refused. That would be the first time two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have clashed.

The Syrian government and a the United Kingdom -based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights organization said on Sunday that Turkish shelling of the Afrin region has damaged the 3,000-year-old Ain Dara temple. He said the Turkish thrust was a "distraction" - the standard official response to describe the incursion - that is harmful to ongoing efforts to defeat ISIS in rapidly shrinking pockets of territory in the Euphrates Valley in the east.

The Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch has declared his support for Turkey's current anti-Kurdish military campaign in Syria, provoking criticisms from neighbouring Greece.

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