Spotify Launches New App Featuring Its Most Popular Playlists

Spotify Targets Smartphone Users

Spotify Tests Free Stations App for Leanback Listening

Spotify has begun testing an app that is very much similar Pandora's original music streaming offering, meaning it's a lot like the radio.

While the music streaming service offers a free ad-supported subscription model, it is strongly focused towards desktop users. The app is now incompatible with some key Android devices, including Google's Pixel phone, and had been downloaded less than 100 times at the time of writing.

So far, users have given the beta app a 3.8 out 5 rating. When Spotify came around, people loved the option to choose music a la carte. Users can personalize which playlists appear in the main menu and also hide those playlists they're not interested in.

It only allows the user to switch between playlists, play and pause songs.

As soon as you login with your Spotify account, you'll be greeted with an unexpectedly simplistic interface with large, minimalist font detailing all of Spotify's genre-based stations such as Hip Hop, Indie, and even Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

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Spotify is perhaps best known for its on-demand music streaming service by the same name but now the company could be looking to branch out, if only slightly.

When questioned about the app, Spotify simply told Variety that it's "testing new features all the time", declining to give any specific information about Stations itself.

The app will apparently learn by watching what you listen to, with the description stating "As you listen, it learns what you like and creates personalised stations that you'll love" - sounds interesting.

For those who can try Stations, it's designed around big font and individual playlists, all created to build around your preferences without any real user interaction beyond select the playlist. However, several users have complained that there's no way to skip tracks.

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