PS4's next firmware update helps users clean up the clutter

Upcoming Update Features PS4 Supersampling Mode

PS4 firmware 5.50 new features include library UI updates, Supersampling Mode, custom wallpapers, more

This update also adds a new PS Plus tab to the Library, which clarifies what games you own from PS Plus' Monthly Free Games. This will give you the ability to apply playtime restrictions to make sure that a child (or overzealous adult) is only able to play for a set amount of time or within playable hours. Oh well. There will always be another PS4 update!

Now, the beta period has started and we have a great deal more clarity around what we can expect from software update 5.5 thanks to a recent blog post.

The holiday quarter was pretty big for the PlayStation 4: Sony affirms that strong hardware and software sales drove up its Games and Network Services segment sales by 16% year-over-year, and that it shipped 9 million PS4s during the season, or more than both of its previous quarterly shipments combined.

The update, which is available today as part of Sony's beta program, adds new play time management, library and quick menu features to the console. Just go to Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device. To set the logo and background, head to Events Teams select your team Edit Team Profile. Playing around with those presets and finding the settings you like for each game type is nice, and makes this feel like a personalized, premium product.

The child will get a notification before the period ends to allow them to save.

The final coup-de-grace for messy libraries: you can finally hide apps. So, you can hide betas, trials or demos you may not go back to. If the game is no longer accessible because your PSN subscription lapses, a PS Plus symbol will appear on the game with a lock to note that the game is no longer accessible.

Upcoming Update Features PS4 Supersampling Mode

The pulldown menu's "Friends" tab will feature quick access to specific friends that are featured in your custom list. When listening to Spotify on PlayStation Music, the Square buttons act as the shortcut for volume control. As an added benefit, gamers can hit the "triangle" button to play and pause music entirely for the Media Player.

Background Music on PS Now: This allows one to listen to their favorite tracks while streaming games through PS Now.

Users will be able to permanently remove old notifications from their PS4 - for better organisation and management. With the option enabled, games will be rendered at a higher resolution, before being downscaled to match the TV.

Finally, PS4 update 5.50 throws in Supersampling, which as previously reported allows users to enjoy select games with improved visuals even when played on a TV packing a resolution of 1080p or below.

Let us know which features you're most excited about, and remember it's not too late to join the beta.

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