Mark Cuban 'embarrassed' after investigation reveals harassment-filled culture in Mavericks organization

Dallas Mavericks fostered company environment that allowed rampant sexual misconduct, per report

Mark Cuban Responds To Nightmarish Allegations Against Mavs Executives

Sports Illustrated said it spent months interviewing more than a dozen current and former employees for their story.

Sneed's legal issues - he pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of family violence assault and interference with emergency request in 2012 - prevented the writer from gaining admission to Canada, so Sneed was unable to cover games between the Mavericks and Raptors.

The Dallas Mavericks have announced their own investigation into the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and the "real-life Animal House" culture that was alleged in a recent Sports Illustrated piece. "Everything was handled by the Mavericks at that point, the CEO and HR". The investigation describes his reputation as a "marketing whiz who could sell with evangelical conviction".

However the allegations would begin in the summer of 1998. "During my almost 20-year tenure with the Mavericks, I am not aware of any sexual harassment complaints about me or any findings by the organization that I engaged in inappropriate conduct".

Ussery left the Dallas Mavericks almost three years ago on good terms, but quickly lost a job with Under Armour after an allegation of sexual harassment, SI reported.

The massive fine comes less than a day after the Mavericks were the subject of a Sports Illustrated report that put the spotlight on sexual misconduct within the organisation's administration staff. However most sources did not want to their names to be made public for fear of retaliation. Or do I say, can we get him counseling to try to prevent that from happening again? Ussery was retained (and continued working with the team until 2015).

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In a response to the article from SI, the Mavs owner responded by saying: "I mean, this is all new to me. You tell that person they are about to lose their job if they don't figure it out". I just had dinner with a bunch of our guys the other night, and here we are. we weren't competing for the playoffs. "I did not do the things that she accused me in the courtroom of doing", Thomas said.

During his time with the Mavericks, Ussery allegedly told a woman that she would be "gang-banged", put his hands on a woman's thigh without her consent and suggestively said to a woman, "seriously.just one time". I had hundreds of interactions with players and never once had an issue...they always knew how to treat people.

Back in 2007, the New York Knicks were successfully sued by a former team executive after she was sexually harassed and then improperly fired after complaining about the advances. I don't have any tolerance for what I've read. "I feel sick to my stomach".

"The Dallas Mavericks have received information about behaviour in our workplace that appears to have violated the organisation's standards of conduct", the statement read.

The Mavericks have since hired an outside counsel to investigate the alleged misconduct. The team said the former employee in question left the club nearly three years ago and that the organization was only made aware of the allegations in the past few days. "Such behavior is completely unacceptable and we will closely monitor the independent investigation into this matter".

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