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Black Panther: Andy Serkis Comments On What Songs Are On Klaue's Mixtape

As a result, she put together a special curriculum using numerous resources she has used or created before - including information she found elsewhere - to package a series of lessons that touch on "pre-veiwing" topics like the legacy of colonialism, global anti-blackness and African cultural representation in "Black Panther" to "post-viewing" lessons dissecting individual characters in the film itself and the role of women in Wakanda.

This is way more than just a movie; this has become an influential movement.

For those that said that minorities, especially a black cast, can't sell as well as a white cast, those involved in Black Panther are proving them all wrong. Or did it spark a culture of movie disciples and fans dedicated to a Black Panther franchise that could rival Star Wars and Harry Potter? Chadwick Boseman is excellent as T'Challa, being able to carry on what he started in Civil War but having more room to breathe and develop his character. After all, he had a highly trained assassin frozen in one of his labs, but director Ryan Coogler explained why the Winter Soldier was kept on ice.

Just when you thought the Black Panther frenzy couldn't get any better.

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Released to the public on February 16, Black Panther has received rave reviews from many outlets. We partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, Miami, Omaha & Watts to send 100 kids from each club to see #BlackPanther & we gave each club a donation to help provide opportunities for the children they serve in our communities. No black director saw the helm of a superhero movie again for the following 10 years-the period during which Marvel has flourished with The Avengers and its adjacent solo films.

And it is vibranium, along with the near-inexhaustible supply of it, that has made Wakanda the most technologically advanced nation on Earth.

To me as a reader of the actual comics, I viewed the Killmonger character as such: He was one of the lost, left behind African Children amidst the impoverished setting of the American African experience of the times.

When the Panther spirit that gave T'Challa his abilities learned of rampant apartheid in neighboring Azania, it fled the king in BLACK PANTHER #1 (the kick off of a four-issue limited series) and inhabited an Azanian rebel to create Man-Cat. The revolution behind taking every marginalized identity in typical films and making them the center of Black Panther is what allows this film to annihilate its competition. The Black Panther premiered in Hollywood on 29th January 2018, and other parts of the world followed.

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