HENRY BLODGET: The NRA's extremism hurts gun owners, NRA members, and America

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Ariana Klein watched by fellow student Carson Abt at the start of a listening session on gun violence with teachers and students in the State Dining Room of the Whit

Support for gun sales is about making money

The report comes as survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., are rallying support for gun control and as Washington grapples with how to respond.

There's an appreciable irony astir among Americans who maintain the belief that we should "drain the swamp" in D.C. of special interests, who also ignore - or even support - a gun lobby whose largess funds more than half of our state representatives. Please President Trump, don't let us down now. They look repeatedly at the landscape of America's gun culture and warn that the carnage will be repeated if nothing is done.

P.S. I am a gun owner.

He has been on both sides of almost every major issue.

Korea lambastes U.S. for attaching preconditions for talks
Apparently, the North Korean regime was able to avoid worldwide sanctions by mining or stealing bitcoin, according to some experts.

There are people who are going to take this opportunity to try to repeal the Second Amendment and, if that happens, you can forget about the rest of the amendments because they are going away too. Politicians have always ignored young people because they know they don't go to the polls. He is the second-straight candidate opposed by the NRA to be elected governor in the gun group's home state. "People are demanding change right now, and one of the reasons people are demanding change is because of awareness". It's just common sense. Are we Americans more ill, or morally depraved than citizens of other countries? "Iowa could raise its grade and save lives by immediately repealing the risky gun laws passed in 2017, requiring background checks for all gun purchases, or passing an extreme risk protection order law". Blame-shifting serves only to marginalize attempts to solve a national problem. The protests currently being held around the country underscore a change in American attitudes regarding gun control, with 70 percent of USA adults now wanting stricter firearms laws, the highest percent in 25 years, according to a February Politico / Morning Consult poll. Banning semi-automatic weapons could save lives. It's that love (obsession) of anything (including guns) that takes precedence over life that becomes evil.

Listen to the voices and stories coming from students in our schools. No, yet no other developed country has a fraction of the death by guns that we readily allow.

Helplessness is a lie that makes victims of us all.

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