France To Change Age Of Consent To 15 Following Rape Uproar

Lawmakers and child-protection groups have been urging the government to set a minimum age of consent as is the case in many European countries with suggested ages ranging from 13 to 15

What Is The Age Of Consent In France? Sexual Violence Prompts Rethink

Lawmakers hope this proposal, which is part of a bill aimed at reducing sexual violence in the country, will be implemented in the coming weeks.

French officials will create a legal age of consent, changing the country's law to classify sex with someone younger than 15 as rape, regardless of whether physical force is used.

After two rape cases involving 11-year-old girls became highly publicized, France has proposed introducing a legal age of sexual consent in the nation.

It would be the first law of its kind in France, where there is now no law that states a child below a certain age is considered incapable of consenting to sex.

And in another case, a 28-year-old man faced charges of sexual relations with a minor and not rape - but this decision was reversed last month and the court said he should face rape charges. "Below which it's always considered as a rape", she told CNN.

There had been some debate as to whether to set France's new consent threshold at 13 years or 15 years, but the latter was chosen after input from experts.

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They asked for the government to bring France into line with most other European countries by announcing a minimum age of consent, which varies but is usually between 13 and 15.

Last November, a 30-year-old man was acquitted of rape after a court determined his 11-year-old victim had not been subjected to "constraint, threat, violence or surprise".

Schiappa told reporters she was "very glad" that the government made a decision to formalize the age of consent, a move that she hopes will combat the prevalence of rape culture in France.

The uproar over two recent cases of men accused of having sex with 11-year-old girls has led to this changes being considered.

According to a report by Le Figaro newspaper, Minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn has said that by setting a legal age of sexual consent, it would allow for a "collective awareness" and that it would also become clear, what was "legal and illegal" to everyone. President Emmanuel Macron met his future wife, Brigitte, when he was around 14 and she was 38 and a teacher at his school.

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