London's Cold Snap Left 20000 Homes Without Running Water

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Another, @Georgie6155, said: "When you have been without running water for 4 days, message @thameswater and you just get a copy and paste response!"

Ofwat Chief Executive, Rachel Fletcher, said: "While the recent severe freeze and thaw have undoubtedly had an impact on pipes and infrastructure, this weather was forecast in advance".

The water services company, one of the largest in the United Kingdom, pointed out on Monday in its account on the social network Twitter that about 12,000 homes remain affected, while calling on the population to use as little liquid as possible.

Vehicle maker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) also halted production at a auto plant near Birmingham so that water supplier Severn Trent could direct water to schools and hospitals in order to keep them open.

Bottled water was brought in for those who lost running water in their homes. "While the snows, the freeze, the thaw has posed huge challenges Ofwat this afternoon has said that these companies have fallen far short in forward planning, giving the right support and communication to people".

In the Commons, Thames Water was criticised for failing to contact residents and tell them how they could collect bottles of water.

Approximately 5,000 people are still cut off in London, according to supplier Thames Water.

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Speaking at the Water UK City conference, he said that water companies had not been acting "sufficiently in the public interest" and accused some companies of "playing the system for the benefit of wealthy managers and owners, at the expense of consumers and the environment".

The county's supplier, Southern Water, is one of four companies in the United Kingdom to issue the warning, following last week's snow and ice cold weather.

Suppliers warned that water supplies would continue to face disruption on Monday as they worked to fix leaks and refill pipes.

While Severn Trent water says it is also returning water pressure to normal this morning, Welsh water customers are suffering similar problems.

"We want to let those customers know that water companies are working hard as they can to stabilise the situation".

Forecasters at the Met Office said the United Kingdom was likely to be over the worst of the freezing weather which caused the problems.

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