Washington becomes first state with net neutrality law

Washington leaders, keep up the fight to restore net neutrality

Washington Governor Signs First State Net Neutrality Bill

Following its introduction, governor Jay Inslee signed it into law, which should go into effect over the next 90 days or whenever Net Neutrality rules are dissolved. He further added taking swipe at president Trump for allegedly favoring corporates, "a clear case of the Trump administration favoring powerful corporate interests over the interests of millions of Washingtonians and Americans".

Washington has become the first state to pass a law that protects net neutrality, preventing internet service providers (ISPs) from slowing down or blocking online content. Democrat Governor Jay Inslee signed the bill (House Bill 2282) this morning, which prohibits ISPs from blocking legal content, apps, and services.

Washington's new law may not hold up in court, if challenged by broadband providers.When the FCC voted to repeal the net neutrality rules, it also voted to block states from passing their own versions of the regulations.

Washington representatives in the state Legislature and Congress are showing great leadership in their work to restore net-neutrality protections.

The Federal Communications Commission voted in December to gut US rules that meant to prevent broadband companies such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon from exercising more control over what people watch and see on the internet. As it now stands, net neutrality makes sure that internet providers can't block or limit access to content by offering paid workarounds.

The new law will protect consumers and small businesses who might not be able to afford higher internet service fees possible under the FCC rules that large corporations could absorb, he said.

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This crusade should continue until sense is restored at the Federal Communications Commission, which voted in December to rescind its 2015 net neutrality rules, including the classification of broadband as an essential utility. But Oregon's measure wouldn't put any new requirements on internet providers.

Plus: There are 25 states total planning similar legislation. This would theoretically benefit established companies like Google and Facebook since they have the resources to pay ISPs to throttle rival sites. The FCC's net neutrality repeal, however, isn't exactly a federal law, but a regulation from a federal agency.

The legislation goes into effect June 6th (ninety days following session adjournment), and will restore some important protections that were outrageously gutted late a year ago by the Federal Communications Commission.

"This is not a partisan issue", Republican State Rep. Norma Smith said in a statement. For consumer protection advocates and other net neutrality supporters, the bill's passage represents a move toward preserving a "free and open Internet".

On the other hand, federal law limits state authorities from regulating the internet.

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