Prosecutors to seek death penalty for Florida school shooter

Video shows officer at Florida school shooting failed to act

VIDEO: Parkland Surveillance Video Shows Deputy Did Not Confront Mass Shooter

A Florida judge earlier this week agreed with news outlets including The Associated Press that the video should be released.

The 19-year-old Cruz has been charged with 34 counts of murder and attempted murder.

But the edited 27-minute video that was released Thursday illuminates little.

The videos were made available in response to a lawsuit from The Sun Sentinel, The Miami Herald and CNN against the Broward Sheriff's Office and the School Board of Broward County.

Authorities released new surveillance video today that shows some Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students just as a gunman was opening fire at the Parkland, Florida, campus. He also radioed the sheriff's office, issuing a warning about the incident. The Broward Sheriff's Office active shooter policy calls for deputies to interrupt a shooting and search for victims when there's a ceasefire.

"At any time Mr. Cruz is willing to enter a plea of guilty in exchange for a waiver of the death sentence", said Defense attorney Melisa McNeill.

The 30-minute video shows former Deputy Scot Peterson flagging down another male staff member from the school at the main administration building and hopping on a golf cart to race to the freshman building.

Video shows officer at Florida school shooting failed to act

The video above is not the all of the surveillance footage from the day.

Peterson, shortly after he resigned, insisted that he followed BSO training, establishing a "tactical position" because he believed the gunfire was coming from outside the building. Peterson is seen speeding around in a golf cart and then standing on the pavement outside.

Nearly all of the footage shows dark figures occasionally moving outside the school's Building 12, often while obscured by shadows.

Since then, Mr Peterson has fought back on the characterization of him as a coward, saying through that he had provided valuable help to the special forces team that entered the building. Other officers show up, though it is not clear from the video whether they are BSO or Coral Springs officers, and students are eventually led out of the building.

For over 30 seconds the only sound louder than the ticking of the clock at Athens High School Wednesday morning were thoughts for the students and teachers who lost their lives in Parkland.

Phil Keating reported the details on "Outnumbered Overtime" Thursday.

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