Riyadh intercepts Yemen-launched missiles, Egyptian dies

Saudis Claim to Intercept Houthi Missile on 3rd Anniversary of Yemen Campaign

Video: Saudi Arabia intercepts seven Houthi missiles over Riyadh

Saudi Col. Turki al-Maliki said one Egyptian national was killed when shrapnel from an exploding missile fell on a residential neighbourhood. Videos posted to social media show one exploding in midair and another performing an abrupt U-turn before slamming into the ground.

"As for the missiles, those are the message of our army and popular committees to the enemy", Mutawakel added, referring to the Huthi-aligned military brigades and paramilitaries.

The barrage will likely spark new criticism of Iran's role in the conflict as well, as the Houthis identified some of the missiles fired as a type that the United Nations and the West say comes from Tehran.

The Houthi rebels have fired dozens of missiles into Saudi Arabia since previous year, all of which Saudi forces claim to have intercepted, though doubts have been raised over several of the claims.

The death marked the first fatality on Saudi soil from a Houthi attack.

The kingdom has said hundreds of its soldiers and civilians were killed in Houthi mortar and short-range missile attacks across their rugged southern border.

Analysts fear the attacks might escalate the Saudi-led coalition's aggression on Yemen, as it did last November when in response to a similar attack the coalition tightened a longstanding blockade of Yemen.

Another strike on December 19 targeted Riyadh's Yamamah palace, the official residence of King Salman.

Saudis Claim to Intercept Houthi Missile on 3rd Anniversary of Yemen Campaign

It accused Iran of supplying the missiles to the Houthi militias.

Despite their efforts the coalition has been unable to push the Houthis out of Sanaa and northern Yemen.

The coalition, which is led by Saudi Arabia and includes other Gulf Arab states, has been conducting operations against the Houthis in Yemen since March 2015.

A watchdog group said Monday that roadside bombs disguised as rocks in Yemen bear similarities to others used by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and by insurgents in Iraq and Bahrain, suggesting at the least an Iranian influence in their manufacture. Almost 1 million people have been infected with cholera.

The UN urgently needs $350 million for humanitarian projects in Yemen, a senior agency official said on Sunday, insisting it was mere "peanuts" compared with the cost of the country's war.

Allies of Saudi Arabia have also accused Tehran of providing the Huthis with missiles, and Britain on Monday urged Iran to "stop sending in weapons which prolong the conflict, fuel regional tensions, and pose threats to worldwide peace and security".

Numerous rounds of UN-sponsored peace talks have failed to stem the bloodshed in Yemen.

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