You Can Now Broadcast Messages Across Amazon Echos with Alexa

Amazon is bringing hands-free Alexa to Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 tablets

Amazon Fire 7 And HD 8 Tablets Updated To Function As Hands-Free Alexa Speakers

Don't feel like buying an Amazon Echo?

This update is compatible with Fire 7 and Fire 8 HD tablets running version software and above.

Announcements can also be made from the Alexa app, as you can see below. This feature is already available on the Fire HD 10, and the company is now expanding it to other recent tablets.

Amazon has introduced a new Alexa Announcements feature that lets you use your Echo device like an intercom.

The catch is that new feature now only works for "one-way announcements", meaning someone can use an Echo speaker to relay a message like "Dinner is ready" to other speakers, but no one else will be able to respond from the other Echo devices.

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The usual Alexa skills like playing music, answering queries, controlling smart home devices, and ordering an Uber all apply.

While a Group might offer you the ability to say "Alexa, turn downstairs lights off" to kill all the lamps and fittings, a Routine enables fine control.

This gives the tablets the same abilities as the retailer's Echo range of smart speakers, although audio quality from the slates won't be as good as the dedicated devices. The speakers aren't as good as a full-sized Echo, and tablets don't have the mic array you'd find on an Echo, either.

Amazon's $59.99 CAD, Fire 7 Tablet features a 7-inch display, up to eight hours of mixed use battery life and 8 GB of storage, with support for up to 256 GB of expandable storage.

If you can get past the downsides, it's a worthwhile update if you're interested in trying out Alexa as a poor man's Echo. Voice triggering can now be enjoyed on your Fire HD 8 and Fire 7.

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