Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere


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The Organization will maintain a high-profile focus on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) via series of events through 2018, starting on World Health Day on 7th April with global and local conversations about ways to achieve health for all.

"The main aim of carrying out this exercise is not just to encourage all citizens to live healthy lives but remind the Federal Government of its responsibility at ensuring availability of health services to all through the Universal Health Coverage".

A person devoid of anger and frustration is also free from psychosomatic disorder, he added.

IMA Neelagiri unit president Dr Vasantha Kumari said that World Health Day was being observed this year with the theme of "Universal health coverage: Everyone everywhere".

He urged the pachayats and zilla panchayats to generate awareness among public about it. According to the WHO, at least half of the world population has no coverage for essential health services, and almost 100 million persons live with a dollar and 90 cents a day, or less, because they must pay an ever costlier medical attention.

"Health Is A Human Right".

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According to Alemu, Nigeria has made progress in terms of efforts to develop a roadmap and implement strategies towards reading Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030 through the revitalisation of health care.

Universal health coverage means everyone has access to vital health services and covers the full spectrum of essential services - disease prevention, good health promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation.

Morales stressed that Cuba has much to show to the world in terms of universal coverage, a theme that defines this year's campaign for the anniversary.

Universal health coverage has become a major goal for health reform in many countries and is a priority objective of the WHO.

Some countries have already made significant progress towards UHC.

What World Health Day can do? But half the world's population is still unable to obtain the health services they need. World Health Organization and its partners will share examples of steps to take to get there through a series of events and conversations held at multiple levels.

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