Hungary's Eurosceptic PM Viktor Orban re-elected for third term

Viktor Orban celebrates his re-election last night

Viktor Orban celebrates his re-election last nightATTILA KISBENEDEK AFP GETTY IMAGES

The leading political group in the European Parliament congratulated Hungary's Viktor Orban on his reelection on Monday, but the anti-immigration populist's victory looks set to prolong the fractious relationship between Brussels and Budapest.

According to official estimates, based on 93% of the votes, Fidesz and its junior coalition partner, the Christian Democratic People's Party, will have 133 seats out of a total of 199 in the new parliament.

Borissov, in his message to Orbán, said: "I highly appreciate the friendly relations between Bulgaria and Hungary and I am confident of the excellent prospects for the development of fruitful co-operation in bilateral, regional and multilateral terms".

While predictable, Fidesz's massive victory in Hungary still inspires awe about the trajectory of once one of the EU's most promising new member states.

Other European leaders also congratulated Orban.

A corresponding bill has been a part of Orban's anti-immigration campaign, targeting U.S. billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, who has been promoting a policy of open borders for migrants in Eastern Europe.

Polish officials welcomed his election victory, with Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymanski, who is Warsaw's envoy to the European Union, calling it a confirmation of Central Europe's "emancipation policy".

"We want Hungary to remain a Hungarian country", Orban said.

An anti-Communist hero to many, Hungary's longest-serving prime minister Viktor Orban has veered far from his formative liberal views to become a staunch opponent of immigration, admired by the far right across Europe.

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Stier says Orban "used the fears of the population" to his advantage during his campaign. A supermajority may embolden policies that have included cracking down on civil society, squeezing media and the courts, and haranguing his peers with anti-Muslim speeches that have made Orban the black sheep of Europe.

Since returning to power in 2010, Orban has stabilized the economy in the wake of two scandal-filled terms led by the Socialist Party.

Magyar Nemzet, a national daily newspaper established in 1938, said on its website Tuesday that it was working on its last edition.

Traditionally, Budapest is the stronghold of the left and that the countryside is more right. Hungarian analysts like to describe such graft, based on the misuse of European Union funds, as a "slow-working poison" that could eventually lead to Fidesz's downfall.

"That's why we drafted and submitted the Stop Soros bill which qualifies immigration as an issue of national security", Orban told state radio before the election.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe will present a report on the election at 3 p.m. local time that is expected to be critical of aspects of the election.

His defiance of the European Union and Europe's heaviest-hitting politicos - especially on migration - illustrate an unwavering will to rule that, in the eyes of extremists, distinguishes the uncompromising nationalist from submissive liberals, those who voluntarily hand over hard-won national power to foreign authorities. It is telling that the second biggest party in the new parliament will be Jobbik, composed of extreme-right nationalists (lately positioning themselves as a conservative European party).

That "constricted the space for genuine political debate, hindering voters' ability to make a fully informed choice", the OSCE said.

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