God Of War PS4 Controller Layout Revealed

There is a hub world of sorts that lets you travel to different realms and explore nearby locations

There is a hub world of sorts that lets you travel to different realms and explore nearby locations

God of War releases today exclusively for PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 2 classic ICO tasks the player with guiding a girl named Yorda around a mysterious castle.

It's also the most intriguing from a story and development standpoint. On the other hand, Artreus is the voice of Sony Santa Monica who is actually instructing Kratos related to the game missions. If you have been waiting to play the game, surely you know that there are many people in various parts of the world who are excited about its arrival.

And what smart decisions these turned out to be!

While the previous games were heavily inspired by Greek mythology, this year's God of War is centred around Norse lore. It seems each year they release at least one game that is among the best ranked titles of the year and God of War is no different. In addition, the introductory scenes set up the story and show off the new Norse setting. His role of Baldur, the main antagonist that Kratos and Atreus must face in God of War, is one that is very well written and Jeremy does an excellent job of portraying Baldur's internal struggle and general hate for everything.

Hacksilver is the currency in this edition of God of War. They gave 9 from 10 points to the game.

God of War for the PlayStation 4 is almost upon us.

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All of this and more are what makes an already excellent game with an incredible story and an inspiring premise even more worth the wait. Kratos is both a father figure to Atreus and a teacher. Callisto, a trickster, takes the form of Kratos' mother - who has herself never appeared on screen - and the two share a brief moment of tenderness before she morphs back into a terrible nightmare creature.

God of War has received rave reviews from numerous outlets, including one of our own.

SEE ALSO: 'God of War' has an incredible story. You can see us taking him down in the video above in case you need a few more tips. I honestly thought they could have left this title alone to be remembered as one of the great adventure video games in the mid-2000's, but this revamp looks too dope to pass up.

This should be a given for any loot-driven game, but the gear that blacksmiths Sindri and Brok have for crafting always fall slightly below what you can find in the world. We see his silhouette, the thunder and lighting, and of course, Mjolnir in the final shot.

Then there's the scale of the various gods and creatures you encounter, all of which leave you wide-eyed - particularly if it's a boss you have to try and dispose of.

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