E-coli outbreak in lettuce has spread to Mississippi

The FDA put out a public alert not a recall on romaine lettuce

The FDA put out a public alert not a recall on romaine lettuce

Ninety-eight people in the United States, including 18 in Pennsylvania, have become ill from romaine lettuce contaminated with E. coli 0157:H7, a strain that can cause severe illness and a type of kidney failure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the Associated Press, health officials said Friday the outbreak has now spread to Mississippi, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

"If you can not confirm the source of the romaine lettuce, do not buy it or eat it". This is not a time to be tailoring the message to risk groups.

"The remainder of illnesses in this outbreak are not linked to romaine lettuce from Harrison Farms".

Neither child developed a type of kidney failure that some patients of severe cases of E. coli suffer, called hemolytic uremic syndrome, the department reported in a blog post, outlining its investigation into the cases.

The Centers for Disease Control released a new update on the scale of E. coli infections spreading across the country, with almost 20 states now reporting illnesses.

Officials said romaine lettuce products from a farm in Yuma harvested between March 5 and March 16 of this year are the source of the contaminated lettuce that made eight inmates at a prison in Alaska ill.

Speaking at the news instruction, he anxious that other location farms might likewise be impacted. But the other 90 illnesses in this outbreak are not linked to romaine lettuce from Harrison Farms.

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Currently, there is no link between this strain and the one in Canada from December 2017, which sickened at least 17 people, officials said.

"I just recently went to Wal-Mart two days ago and they took my romaine lettuce at the register and threw away everything that they had left of the romaine lettuce", said Katia Dunk, Savannah.

In all, 22 states have been hit with 98 cases of E-coli nationwide. Every winter, the Yuma region provides most of the romaine sold in the U.S.

So for now, the CDC is telling consumers to not eat or buy romaine lettuce unless you can confirm it is not from the Yuma, Arizona growing region.

Disclosure: Wise works for the CDC, Harris works for the FDA.

Along with the 14 new cases announced today, the CDC said 3 more people have be hospitalized, raising that total to 46. They include severe and painful cramps and diarrhea that is bloody or watery.

While officials have tracked the outbreak to chopped and whole head romaine from Yuma, they don't know if it was tainted in the fields or at other point, like during packaging or distribution.

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