Border patrol agents find tiger cub in duffel bag

Agents: Unexpected find in duffel bag carried across border

PHOTOS: Tiger cub found stuffed in duffel bag along Texas border

"Tigers are trying to invade my great America!" - probably President Trump.

She said the rescued tiger cub is expected to make a full recovery after it was saved by the Brownsville Border Patrol.

- U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found a tiger cub in a duffel bag on Monday when they were called to investigate an illegal border crossing in Texas.

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Border Patrol agents found that a live tiger cub inside a duffel bag Once They saw three individuals Attempt to input US illegally. The release said on Monday, April 30th, the subjects were carrying a black duffel bag.

Agents recovered the bag and found quite a surprise inside - a four-month-old male tiger cub.

The almost four-month-old cub appeared sedated and was turned over to the Gladys Porter Zoo.

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