Redskins Issue Statement About Allegations Cheerleaders Forced To Act As 'Escorts'

Another Former NFL Cheerleader Files a Complaint

Washington Redskins respond to cheerleaders' claims of topless photo shoot

"The Redskins' weeklong trip to Costa Rica in 2013 - for which the cheerleaders were paid nothing beyond transportation costs, meals and lodging, the team said - provides a vivid illustration of how N.F.L. teams have used cheerleaders for far more than sideline dancers during games", the paper reported. "We were surprised to see that instead they aired a segment that was based exclusively on the Redskins' view, was critical our reporting and did not give us an opportunity to respond", he said.

Team president Bruce Allen said staff found to have "acted inappropriately" would "face significant repercussions".

"It's just not right to send cheerleaders out with odd men when some of the girls clearly don't want to go", one cheerleader said. But then this line: "We've heard very different first-hand accounts that directly contradict numerous details of the May 2 article".

"Our entire organization has great appreciation and respect for our cheerleaders", Allen added in his statement today.

"The Redskins' cheerleader program is one of the NFL's premier teams in participation, professionalism and community service", the team said. "I was 19 years old at the time; we had two 18 year olds". We respect each other and our craft.

Later, the women who spoke to the NY Times alleged that a handful of cheerleaders were chosen to accompany the VIP guests, all of whom were men, to a nightclub where they were to serve as escorts.

The cheerleader also said that the girls were devastated because they knew exactly what was going on.

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"It's just not right to send cheerleaders out with odd men when some of the girls clearly don't want to go", one cheerleader who was in Costa Rica told the Times.

Stephanie Jojokian, who is the director and choreographer for the Redskins' cheerleaders, denied the night club visit was mandatory.

Although Allen was concerned about the allegations, he did point out that the team has already talked to several other cheerleaders who were on the trip, and those cheerleaders told a different story than the one that was published by the Times.

The NFL has come under fire recently - should have happened sooner, honestly - after two former NFL cheerleaders, New Orleans Saints Cheerleader Baily Davis, and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware, filed discrimination lawsuits against the league.

Davis said the image wasn't any more revealing than the Saints' official outfit and that the National Football League players weren't held to the same strict social media rules, which include a ban for cheerleaders to "friend" National Football League players on social media. "I believe groups will begin listening to this exclusively when it's too late".

It featured a photo of Cosby and the simple word play on the concept of cases dismissed because they're a "he said, she said" case.

The report comes as the NFL's practices toward cheerleaders have come under scrutiny.

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