Almost Dead Kinect Takes Rebirth As Project Kinect For Azure

Build 2018: Microsoft embraces Android and iOS, extends Timeline feature

Almost Dead Kinect Takes Rebirth As Project Kinect For Azure

The new figure was shared onstage at Microsoft's Build developer conference being held May 7-9 in Seattle.

DJI and Microsoft are already working together to advance technology for precision farming with Microsoft's FarmBeats solution, which aggregates and analyzes data from aerial and ground sensors using AI models running on Azure IoT Edge. This will enable devices such as drones and industrial equipment to take critical action quickly without requiring cloud connectivity.

With the demo, the company is also seeking to show that Windows 10 PCs can work as Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The goal, Microsoft says, is to offer developers the custom tools to be more productive in fields like agriculture, construction, and public safety.

At Microsoft's Build conference this week, the company announced new development opportunities for the platform but more importantly, they helped provide clarity about how the company looks at the suite of software. At last year's Build conference, Microsoft announced a free smartphone app called "Seeing AI" that uses a device's camera and computer vision to narrate what's being seen in the real world. "DJI is the leader in commercial drone technology, and Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud for commercial businesses".

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Nadella also pointed to Microsoft's internal efforts to establish an ethics board for artificial intelligence technology.

Microsoft also said that it will be releasing updates to its Azure Cognitive Services and the Bot Framework. The company says it'll be sharing more on Timeline for Android and iOS in its day two keynote tomorrow at Build, which we'll be watching. The company is also expected to announce deeper AI integration for Office 365 and its Translator app. And a new Azure Blockchain Workbench helps developers to build out an Azure-supported blockchain network using such services as Azure AD and SQL.

The packaging of products like Your Phone and the company's Android launcher are apps that deliver value to those that are "all-in" in the Microsoft ecosystem but the company does not have an easy way to market these benefits.

As with every new Windows 10 update, expect a few improvements or upcoming features coming to Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant.

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