Google Maps and Google Lens giving more personal results

How to change vehicle icon in Google Maps during navigation

Google Maps is adding new Explore and For You sections, more

Google Maps will be able to update faster and more accurately, thanks to having access directly from satellite feeds and camera archives, allowing more rural places and places that have changing infrastructure to be updated faster.

This feature is expected to roll out "in the next few weeks". Lastly, users will be able to talk to Google Maps while in navigation mode.

Using the power of machine learning and data that Google Maps has gathered on you, the service will recommend what percentage of a match a selected food or drink venue is to your preferences.

In Maps, Google will begin adding in the "For You" tab to the Maps UI.

City of Yuma 'Cinco de Mayo' celebration
The Cinco de Mayo Festival and Celebration will also feature American and Mexican music, inflatables, and a photo booth. The rotary club still plans to hold the event next year-but the weekend before Cinco de Mayo .

Google is not only making it easier to find new places you might be interested in, but also sharing those new hot spots with your contact list and much more. Google has long worked to make Maps seem more personalized, but since Maps is now about far more than just directions, the company is introducing new features to give you better recommendations for local places.

The "For you" tab will make suggestions about places to visit based on information Google has about you, and you can "follow" suggestions to reference them later. Part of this is simply to avoid your wasting time scrolling through endless four-star listings on other platforms while you look for someplace to go.

If that wasn't enough, a new "For You" tab will let you know about all of the exciting culinary adventures taking place in your 'hood. The higher the number, the more likely Google thinks that the person will enjoy visiting this destination. They're using two ways to do this, including expanding their VIsual Positioning System (VPS) technology they launched with Project Tango, bringing it to all devices and a new Augmented Reality view using your camera. Google has also been toying with a new animated "Guide" to help you get you where you're going. A graphic will show you exactly which direction to go, complete with big arrows and street names.

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