Corrupt TV News Refuses to Say Nice Things About Donald Trump

Trump as President-elect in January 2017.      Spencer Platt  Getty Images

Trump as President-elect in January 2017. Spencer Platt Getty Images

The CNN correspondent added: "So when the president threatens to go after the news media and [threatens to] revoke their credentials and calling us all sorts of names, he really is sort of undermining an oath he took in front of the American people".

Despite the president's criticism of news coverage, the White House's press office has continued to hold media briefings.

The report found that 91 percent of ABC, CBS and NBC coverage of Trump in the first four months of this year was negative in tone. "Presenting an honest portrait of elected leaders", read an article on Wednesday, "even - and especially - against their will is, of course, why the First Amendment to the Constitution cements the role of a free press".

There was also discussion on "Fox & Friends" about the tone of the coverage of Trump's announcement Tuesday that he is pulling the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal.

However, his White House has never denied credentials to news outlets.

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George W Bush authorized the rendition, detention and interrogation program after the attacks of 11 September 2001. Meanwhile, the pieces of information that are known about Haspel are disturbing to those who oppose torture.

"The Fake News is working overtime".

Trump's 2016 campaign banned certain media outlets - including Univision, Buzzfeed, Politico, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post - from traveling with his team on several occasions.

Trump responded: "Oh yeah, I would do that". I tend to do what I do.

At Wednesday's media briefing, the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, defended the concept of a free press, but declined to explicitly rule out stripping reporters of their credentials if Trump does not like what they write.

Analyzing the networks' spin makes it clear that the goal of all of this heavy coverage is not to promote the President, but to punish him.

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