Trump nominee for Central Intelligence Agency director refuses to condemn waterboarding

The GOP’s ‘primary problem,’ Haspel divides the Resistance and other comments

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If confirmed, she would be the first woman to lead the nation's premier spy service, something she cited in her opening remarks. She remains an avid fan of Wildcat basketball even though she moved to Louisville her senior year for an internship and graduated with honors from the University of Louisville.

Haspel: "No, I never watched the tapes, but I understood that our officers' faces were on them and that was very risky at a time when there were unauthorized disclosures that were exposing the program". Yet, that wasn't satisfactory. Other Democrats in play are Sens.

Robert Ford, former US ambassador to Syria and a fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington, said that while USA military personnel had been punished for human rights abuses such as at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, few intelligence professionals were reprimanded for their activities with the detention and interrogation program that had been approved by the White House and reviewed and approved by the Justice Department. Yet, in all, her hearing was not bad. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said on Wednesday that he will vote for her. "The CIA wants her to lead them into America's bright and glorious future!"

- President Donald Trump's nominee to be the next CIA director says that if she is confirmed by the Senate, the spy agency will not undertake a detention and harsh interrogation program like the one used after 9/11.

Haspel went before the Senate Intelligence Committee seeking confirmation to be the next CIA director after Mike Pompeo, who left the position after accepting Trump's nomination for Secretary of State.

Mudd was responding to comments from Senator Kamala Harris (D-California), who criticized Haspel and said she would voting against her confirmation as Central Intelligence Agency director.

Ms Haspel said she does not "believe the President would ask me to do that", but did not say that she would refuse.

That specific exchange revolved around which intelligence official was making decisions about which portions of Haspel's 33-year CIA record could be declassified, with the answer seeming to be that it was Haspel herself, following existing guidelines.

Some Democrats and Sen. Ron Wyden of OR, who asked Haspel about her position on the potential public release of a document known as the Durham report.

Bush administration lawyers at the time were adamantly opposed to the tapes' destruction, but Rodriguez believed they would cause irreparable harm to the agency.

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During her May 9 hearing, Haspel declined to say whether torture techniques were immoral.

Republicans hold a narrow majority on the chamber, but with GOP Sen.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME notes that the president as a candidate repeatedly expressed his support for waterboarding.

McCain, who is home at his ranch in Arizona as he battles brain cancer, made the statement after Haspel testified in her confirmation on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning.

While it appeared likely that her nomination would pass a committee vote as early as next week, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris was one of several who said they would vote against her. But he says he must also weigh issues regarding her role in the CIA's now-defunct harsh interrogation program and the destruction of videotapes showing some interrogation sessions.

A new letter released Wednesday from more than 100 former USA ambassadors said Haspel's confirmation would undermine diplomatic efforts to discourage torture by tyrants in other countries. White House officials convinced her not to pull out. Again, would there be such opposition if Obama were in office, or any Democrat for that matter?

In 2014, Heinrich and then-Sen. "She was an extraordinary woman and our No. 1 Al-Qaida officer", Haspel recounted. To make matters more complicated, this chapter of her professional life has been subject to conflicting media reports, some of which have been subsequently disputed or retracted. Haspel seemed to fumble a question from Collins relating to waterboarding.

"I recall my first foreign agent meeting was on a dark, moonless night with an agent I'd never met before".

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