Actress Barbara Windsor is diagnosed with Alzheimers disease aged 80

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Dementia struggle for Barbara Windsor

Yesterday, she was defiant once more.

Scott revealed to The Sun today that his wife of 18 years was diagnosed with the condition over the course of 18 months, having initially seen doctors in 2012.

She believes that the way we communicate with people can also play a large part in managing Alzheimer's.

Her good friend Jane Moore, who wrote the article revealing her battle, said that Scott had chosen to come forward to give Barbara the freedom to leave home.

EastEnders actress Dame Barbara Windsor has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, her husband Scott Mitchell has revealed.

However, the 80-year-old's husband Scott Mitchell has finally revealed the news as her symptoms have grown worse in recent weeks.

He continued: "Since her 80th birthday last August, a definite continual confusion has set in, so it's becoming a lot more hard for us to hide".

'Rather than me living in fear she might get confused or upset, they'll know that if her behaviour seems odd, it's due to Alzheimer's and accept it for what it is, ' he added.

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Dame Barbara was said by Ms Moore yesterday to be "thrilled" by the public reaction to the announcement.

Two months earlier, Barbara was awarded a Damehood for her services to showbusiness and charity after an acting career that has spanned nearly 60 years.

Alzheimer's Research UK director Tim Parry praised the decision to go public with the devastating news.

It is important to remember that everyone is unique and that two people with Alzheimer's are unlikely to experience the condition in exactly the same way.

In an interview with the Sun, Mr Mitchell said he wanted to set the record straight because rumours about Windsor's health. Looking back, I was more anxious about myself than I was about her. "In the early days her symptoms were very mild". I was scared she would become someone who wouldn't recognise me, and worse, would soon become someone I wouldn't recognise. And, it was a release but he felt so guilty because he felt he couldn't protect her anymore.

A small circle of friends who had begun to notice her occasional confusion were told shortly after the diagnosis, he said. But he had prevented word spreading further because she was struggling to come to terms with it.

Following the news that the national treasure has Alzheimer's, it's now been reported that husband Scott Mitchell asked for her Walford matriarch to be killed off.

He added: 'I hope speaking out will help other families dealing with loved ones who have this cruel disease.

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