Policy focuses on integration of wind, solar energy sources

California Mandates Solar Panels on All Newly Built Homes

California Mandates Solar Panels on All Newly Built Homes tweet

It represents the state's latest step to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Members said they expect other states to follow suit in coming years.

Southern California Edison (SCE) supports the California Energy Commission's adoption of the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards ("Title 24").

Solar panels can be installed on buildings and houses, and there will be no need for deforestation as is required in building a new power plant.

Adding solar panels would boost construction costs by $9,500 for a single-family home but save owners about $19,000 in energy and other expenses over 30 years, the Energy Commission estimated.

The two new solar farms join a string of new solar projects connected in Queensland, NSW and South Australia in the last few weeks, including Australia's biggest that has just begun production. This in turn would partially address the concerns of distribution utilities over the grid stability arising due to the intermittent nature of wind or solar.

California first US state to require solar on new homes

In October 2018, SCE released the, "The Clean Power and Electrification Pathway", a proposal that lays out a clear path to reducing California's GHG emissions and improving air quality.

"Under these new standards, buildings will perform better than ever, at the same time they contribute to a reliable grid", said Commissioner Andrew McAllister, who is the Energy Commission's lead on energy efficiency.

On the contrary, Republican legislative leaders have expressed concern that cost of add-ons on housing will be unaffordable by Californians who are already grappling with the brunt of an extremely expensive market.

"That's just going to drive the cost up and make California, once again, not affordable to live", Assemblyman Brian Dahle, the chamber's GOP leader, said Tuesday.

APICORP's report also finds that the renewable energy drive in the region is led by the UAE, Morocco, and Jordan, as each of these countries have put measures in place to ensure the diversification of their energy sources are on track, with the help of European and global development organisations.

In accordance with Turkish EMRA's revised legislation in January, Turkish citizens are allowed to install solar panels with a maximum capacity of 10 kilowatts with less red-tape than previously. More than 5 million homes in the state use solar power, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

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