What Does the End of Net Neutrality Mean for Cryptocurrency

The public will get a chance to weigh in on neutrality

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Today's settlement was concluded with a vote of 52-47 in favour of altering Net Neutrality protections.

Collins had long announced her support for the CRA move, but Kennedy and Murkowski's stand on the matter was relatively unknown. They were the focus of heavy lobbying by Net neutrality supporters in recent days. The CTIA, USTelecom and the NCTA earlier sent a joint letter to senators asking them to vote against the measure.

Today on national cable news, MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle and Fox Business' FBN AM mentioned the net neutrality vote in brief headline segments.

Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said in an email that the Senate "took a big step to fix the serious mess the FCC made when it rolled back net neutrality a year ago". "With Americans united and the 2018 midterm election less than 6 months away, the Joint Resolution has a real chance of passing".

Though heralded as a step in the right direction, passage of the bill means little unless it is also passed by the House of Representatives and signed into law by President Trump. As a result, their bottom line could be harmed if, say, a net neutrality repeal allowed Verizon or Comcast to throttle speeds on that rival content or charge a premium for higher speeds for people using those services.

While people remain exclusively fixated on the telecom industry's attacks on net neutrality, the reality is companies like Comcast, Charter, AT&T and Verizon are busy trying to eliminate almost all federal and state oversight of their businesses. "There is no constituency on the other side of this other than telecommunications companies".

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Zuckerberg had made its clear that any app that either refused or failed an audit would be banned from Facebook. What will the final count be? In addition, they will also tell individuals by means of this site.

"There's no question that net neutrality is something voters under the age of 40 care a lot about", he said.

"The Republicans would much rather not take a vote on this and I think that is a big mistake".

The Senate on Wednesday rejected the Trump administration's plan to overturn so-called net neutrality rules, which mandate that internet providers give consumers access to content on an equal basis, without favoring some sources or blocking others.

"This resolution takes us in the wrong direction", said Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

There has been no reference for weeks to what is presumably an ongoing investigation by the FCC's Inspector General into Pai's subsequent Sinclair-friendly decisions, raising the likelihood that it could be used as this season's cliffhanger. "...[O] ur light-touch approach will deliver better, faster, and cheaper Internet access and more broadband competition to the American people-something that millions of consumers desperately want and something that should be a top priority", he said in a statement.

The FCC has made abundantly clear that states may not impose "any so-called "economic" or "public utility-type" regulation []" on broadband services and that federal law flatly preempts such requirements.

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