Kelly Accuser Reveals Shocking Sexual Assault Details In New Interview

R Kelly and Faith Rodgers who accuses him of sexual assault

R Kelly and Faith Rodgers who accuses him of sexual assault

Faith Rodgers filed a lawsuit in New York City claiming that R. Kelly sexually assaulted her and gave her herpes. She says she obtained herpes from Kelly and that they dated for a year where he mentally, verbally and sexually abused her, locking her in rooms, studios and cars, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. His multiple chart-topping hits include "Bump N' Grind" and "I Believe I Can Fly".

During an interview for CBS This Morning, Faith claimed that after a couple of months of texts, phone conversations, and FaceTiming, Kelly flew her to NYC for a concert.

Kelly' lawyers have not yet responded to several media outlets' requests for comment.

In recent months, R Kelly has faced numerous sexual misconduct allegations by former girlfriends. Spotify also booted Kelly's music from its playlists as part of its new "Hate Content & Hateful Conduct Policy". After Kelly's show, Rodgers claims the singer came to her room, disregarded her statements that she was "not ready to have sex", and "initiated non-consensual oral and vaginal intercourse". Rodgers contends that it was "behavior created to humiliate, embarrass, intimate and shame her", and that Kelly regularly recorded her without her consent during sex.

"Unfortunately, the facts and background of this case are not unique", the lawsuit says.

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Once the second phase is complete, Facebook users will be notified via a Facebook website if their personal data was jeopardized. In 2014, Facebook changed its policies so developers could no longer access the information of their app users' friends.

R. Kelly faces lawsuit from woman who alleges he hid sexually transmitted disease. "For over 20 years, women across America have been victimized by defendant, R. Kelly, and have filed eerily similar claims". "You feel like, 'I'm chilling with somebody I went to high school with'". During that time she says Kelly instructed her to call him "daddy" and would lock her up for hours at a time. "Some of them had been with him for 15 years", she said.

Due to the other allegations surfacing about R. Kelly, some companies have taken direct action.

"I got 40 million motherf*ckers hating me and 40 billion motherf*ckers loving me", he said."And let me tell you something, imma take this musical sh*t and imma inject these motherf*ckers with this musical, handsome motherf*cking sh*t". It was there, she says, the 51-year-old coaxed her into having sex with him.

Amid the controversy to #muterkelly, in late April promoters cancelled a concert in Chicago, his hometown.

The lawsuit claims Evans was clean before sleeping with R Kelly and that she only learned he was infected when allegations became public earlier this year.

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