Man evicted from parents' home by NY judge moves out

Man, 30, ordered evicted from parents’ home by New York judge feels ‘great’ to be leaving

On yer bike! Deadline for unemployed millennial ordered out of parents' home

The 30-year-old upstate NY man who was evicted from his parents' home says he's OK being the punchline of jokes as he prepares to move by the legal deadline.

The jobless 30-year-old who was sued by his parents for still living at home has finally flown the coop, but not before delivering one last parting shot - by calling the cops on his dad.

Michael Rotondo honked and waved to reporters Friday morning as he pulled out of the driveway of his parents' home in Camillus (kuh-MIHL'-us), New York. Local media report he left the house in Camillus, N.Y., just four hours before his high noon deadline to depart.

News crews recorded him packing up a pickup truck this week. But before he left, he called 911 to report that his father had refused to let him search the basement for his son's Lego toys, reports. Instead, the father offered to look for items and, if he found them, bring them out. A judge ordered him to leave by June 1. First, in October, there were the informal discussions about leaving the house; then, beginning in February, there were the notes that escalated from a little financial motivation to formal orders to leave; and finally, after an original 30-day deadline lapsed, there was the confrontation in court. "While the police were there, the Legos were located and there was no further incident".

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Adding to the confusion is the "other" Rotondo is also looking for a home, though it's in California and he's doing it with the support of his parents.

During his auto trouble, he told reporters he said goodbye "more or less" to his parents before jumping into his rumbling station wagon. "I don't have to guess what's behind door number one".

After that, he tells us he's going to stay with a distant cousin. he just needs to iron out the details. Asked if that marks a dramatic change in his thinking, given his recent hard-fought court battle, Rotondo answered succinctly.

The deadbeat millenial reportedly lost custody of his son in September for reasons not known, and has been fighting his parents' attempts to get visitation rights to their grandchild.

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