IOS 12: The iPhones and iPads that will get updated

Apple is expected to announce its new mobile operating system iOS 12

Apple is expected to announce its new mobile operating system iOS 12. Credit Bloomberg

Apps could load up to 40-percent faster, he promises.

Screen time is recorded and the app limit will notify you once your time is up. Screen Time would also allow parents to limit access to some apps and websites. When time is up, the app will show "Time's up", and then you can tap a link to ask for more time. If they want a little extra time, they can hit ignore - a bit pressing snooze on the alarm app. You can also set Do Not Disturb to automatically activate or deactivate when you're in a meeting or at a certain location.

A new Shortcuts function allows device owners to assign their own phrases to different commands.

Notifications - you can turn on or off notifications from app straight from the lockscreen. Users can also create their own shortcuts, or sets of shortcuts, and specific a key phrase.

Bloomberg reports that there will be updates to ARKit, the framework the company released previous year to help developers build augmented-reality apps.

Shared Experiences: ARKit 2 brings multi-user ARKit experiences, so you can play a game together, or play around with AR objects in the real world together, at the same time.

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FaceTime will now support conversations with up to 32 participants - a massive upgrade over the current one-to-one calling. Dubbed "Digital Health" this new initiative is understood to include the creation of a menu option in the Settings app that will allow greater control of how people interact with their device. Even if you have an iPhone SE or iPhone 5s, you'll be getting iOS 12 too.

This year, analysts think Apple will focus on incremental improvements to make its software more reliable - and be less disruptive in our lives. "Apple stock has also typically sold off the day after WWDC by a roughly similar amount".

Apple is testing technology to bring iOS apps to Apple desktops, but it's denied, with quite literally a giant "NO", that it's going to merge iOS and MacOS.

Coming to Photos will be features that recognize objects, scenes and people, and make suggestions even before you finish typing your search. Siri can also surface favorite photos by person, place, event, time and topic. For You will suggest who you might want to share a photo with, based on who appears in that photo.

If things get too bad, you can always uninstall the beta version of iOS and go back to the release version.

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