Valve And Perfect World Games Announce Steam China

Steam goes to China with the help of Perfect World

Perfect World and Valve announce Steam China

Steam's game library via the Steam Link Android app. The gaming company just announced Steam Chat, which is now in beta for anyone to try.

The friends list now has a customizable favorites section at the top, for quick access to the people, groups, and chats you care about most.

The very first thing that you may notice is that the chat interface is now detached from the main interface.

Finally, Valve said it also made some "improvements" to Steam's voice chat. Your friends are now grouped together based on what game they're playing, whether or not they're currently in a game with each other, and their presence in one of your group chats.

China is now the world's biggest video games market, valued at more than $25 billion in 2016, according to a report from IHS Markit.

Tencent’s We Game platform
Tencent’s We Game platform

Next comes the new group chats. Voice chat has also been rebuilt from the ground up, with Valve saying it now sounds a lot cleaner than it did before.

As mentioned before, the chat window will now expand and show any media that is posted on it without needing to open the link, applying to videos, images, gifs, tweets, and more.

Valve's feeling the pressure from Discord (and other chat services) and an overhaul of the chat interface and functionality was long overdue. It is now easy to really create a community using the service, you can send game invites from within groups, and create separate channels within those groups too.

All features of the client are available in a desktop version, as well, meaning users may continue conversations after having logged out of the Steam client. The new Steam Chat is also available through your web browser.

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