Summit does not deal with North Korea's hacking

Trump says he wants the US to treat him like North Korea treats Kim Jong Un

South Korea clears way for student exchanges with North Korea

US President Donald Trump (R) gestures as he meets with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (L) at the start of their historic US-North Korea summit, at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore on June 12, 2018.

South Korea's top envoy in Australia has warned that US President Donald Trump cannot unilaterally halt joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula but conceded some "good faith" compromises on the drills could aid negotiations with Kim Jong-un.

And Trump's unilateral decision to reduce tension by cancelling "provocative" joint exercises by US and South Korean forces appeared to catch both close ally Seoul and some Pentagon officials by surprise.

"He's the head of the country - and he's the strong head, don't let anyone think anything different", Trump said during the interview.

The brief interaction was featured in a 42-minute-long program about Tuesday's unprecedented summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Mr Trump challenged the criticism of the vague joint statement, and said North Korea had started returning the remains of USA soldiers missing during the Korean War.

Asked about defending Kim's human rights record, Trump told reporters, "you know why, I don't want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family".

Later Friday, the president told reporters that he was only joking. "He saluted me and I saluted him back".

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I call them war games.

He went on to say that when Kim speaks, "his people sit up at attention". We have communication. It's a very good thing, Trump said.

Mr. Trump was also pressed about his past claim that Kim loves his people.

And he said North Korea is on the road to denuclearization. "I want my people to do the same", he added.

"It's a common courtesy when a military official from another government salutes, that you return that", Sanders told CNN's Jim Acosta during Thursday's White House press briefing. Nobody thought we were going to get that.

Trump answered a question Wednesday on Fox about abuses carried out under Kim by saying that "a lot of other people done some really bad things".

Speaking after the Singapore summit, China's foreign ministry spokesman suggested that sanctions relief could be considered for North Korea if it abides by United Nations resolutions, while adding that China had always strictly abided by all these resolutions.

The military talks had been initially slated for May, but were postponed after the North called off another planned high-level meeting in protest against US-South Korean air combat exercises.

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