Why LeBron James should sign with the Los Angeles Lakers

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NBA rumors 2018: Who will LeBron James bring to his next destination?

The NBA could be undergoing a massive shake-up this summer with both George and James entering free agency.

Rev Macon told Fox 8: "We, the clergy of Greater Cleveland, are calling for a life-sized statue of LeBron James to be erected in this city, and a street named in his honour".

When asked by TMZ whether he would like to team up with James, George said: "Yeah, I'm with LeBron every All-Star".

With the ability to opt out of his contract, the 4-time MVP can become a free agent, potentially paving the way for another exit from Cleveland - or perhaps a long-term contract with the Cavs.

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No matter where LeBron elects to play next year, whatever that team looks like now likely won't be the finished product once training camps open in a few months. James has also been connected to the Lakers and his son has been reported to be committing to a Los Angeles high school.

It's likely that the National Basketball Association star's options are to stay with Cleveland or go to the Philadelphia 76ers or Los Angeles Lakers - the three teams with "realistic salary cap space" to sign James in free agency. He has been connected to the Lakers, Cavaliers, Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia 76ers the most this offseason. "And let me be clear this doesn't have to do with whether he continues to play in this city or not".

In many ways, the Lakers and 76ers resemble each other so it is no surprise that both teams are in the bidding for King James. Playing with George would give James the kind of lockdown defender that he needs to go up against the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant. Seeing the two of them together would be a scary thought for opposing teams. While getting the cap space needed to sign James is tricky, it is possible.

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