Baby Jesus 'held in detention' during church immigration protest

The scene at night

The scene

Christ Church Cathedral, a 161-year-old episcopal institution located in the heart of Indy's downtown at Monument Circle, put up a display on their lawn showcasing the statues of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus fenced inside a cage topped with barbed wire.

The Rev. Stephen Carlsen, the church's dean and rector, said the news prompted the church to create a display showing a "detained" holy family.

Members of the church say the journeys of immigrant families are similar to that of the Holy Family.

"We think faithful people across all faiths, races, cultures...that we shouldn't be divided", Carlsen said. The fact that it's controversial isn't because I want to be controversial. The point of a religious icon is to move our hearts. "Somewhere along the line, I guess, just hoping for a better life has been lost because it's politics involved".

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"The statement with the Holy Family says as much about our policy as any statement would say", the Rev. Canon Lee Curtis of Christ Church Cathedral, who came up with the idea, told NBC News. Curtis also noted that the biblical refugee family was seeking asylum in Egypt shortly after Jesus's birth.

"That family is every family who are seeking safety for their children", he told CNN. "We've heard scripture quoted to support these [immigration] policies". The large exhibit is in the front lawn of the church - and it's guaranteed to get a lot of attention.

The church set up the caged nativity scene Monday night as part of its #EveryFamilyIsHoly campaign.

The protest comes about two weeks after Trump signed an executive order that halted his administration's policy of separating families at the border, but numerous children already separated before the order was signed have still not been reunited with their families, according to The Hill.

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