Trump picks Kavanaugh, a GOP favourite, for Supreme Court

Getty									Brett Kavanaugh's Obamacare dissent concerns some conservatives for what it says on the individual mandate of ACA

Getty Brett Kavanaugh's Obamacare dissent concerns some conservatives for what it says on the individual mandate of ACA

"A thorough vetting of Judge Kavanaugh's body of work will be critical for the Senate to fulfill its shared responsibility-which I take very seriously". That could be the case, but for now, pressure has ramped up on Sens.

They would once again have an enthusiasm edge over Republicans, who could no longer make the midterms a referendum on the Supreme Court and would tend to feel as if they had won the war, not just a single battle. "We did prepare a press release in advance because we knew that all the people on Trump's nominee list would strip protections for nearly every marginalized group in the United States for years to come". The downside is that they'll be persona non grata in the party. Some Democrats said Kavanaugh, a more committed conservative, could disrupt precedents like Roe v. Wade, which said women have the constitutional right to abortions. "Every Democrat voted against repeal of the ACA".

Whether it will amount to anything substantive is an open question - Republicans involved in Kavanaugh's nomination say they are confident they don't expect any surprises, despite the sizable paper trail the appellate judge has left during a career in public service. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., the minority leader.

If confirmed by the Senate, the 53-year old Kavanaugh is poised to remain on the bench for years to come, cementing conservative control in the country's top judicial body.

"We have to lower the expectations of our base". "A woman's right to make her own health care decisions is at risk". King cites Kavanaugh's ambiguity on Roe v Wade, the Affordable Care Act's required coverage of pre-existing conditions and his comments about Presidential immunity as points of concern. "I think there's a process we have to go through, our members want to get acquainted with him, they want to meet him, they want to ask him questions. The hearings make a the flawless cable news story, because they offer a rich bounty for hosts and pundits to build their shows around for days on end".

Kavanaugh, who has written that Congress should consider exempting sitting presidents from criminal prosecution or investigation, would be a "barrier" against Trump being forced to testify in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Schumer said.

If McCaskill, Heitkamp, Donnelly and Manchin vote against confirmation and the GOP comes up a single vote short, each one of the vulnerable Democrats becomes the "deciding" vote against a conservative, well-credentialed Supreme Court nominee who was selected by a president popular with Republicans.

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"We'll try to do what we can to accommodate everybody's interests", said the Iowa Republican.

In addition to working in the White House Counsel's office under Bush, Kavanaugh also worked for independent counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation into the death of Clinton aide Vince Foster and the Monica Lewinsky probe that led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment.

That's all the support Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed.

"I find it somewhat troubling that even before the President named Judge Kavanaugh that there were those who were roundly condemning the nominee without knowing who the nominee is", Murkowski said. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, told reporters before a closed-door meeting with Kavanaugh Wednesday.

Not everyone appeared to respect Judge Kavanaugh, however, with many launching apocalyptic predictions such as Kavanaugh's nomination leading to a "dictatorship".

Vice President Mike Pence, who was accompanying Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill, expressed confidence about the nominee's prospects.

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