‘That’s scary!’ - Jim Jordan explains explosive revelation from Peter Strzok testimony

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok to lawmakers: Anti-Trump texts didn’t “impact any official action”

Watch: Embattled FBI Agent Strzok tells Hill GOP its attacks help Putin sow chaos

Peter Strzok's 10-hour showdown with congressional lawmakers, a made-for-TV spectacle that featured far more drama than substance, was an airing of the deep partisan divide surrounding the special counsel's investigation into whether associates of Donald Trump conspired with Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential election.

"You need to understand that that was written late at night, off-the-cuff and it was in response to a series of events that included then-candidate Trump insulting the immigrant family of a fallen war hero, and my presumption based on that terrible disgusting behavior [was] that the American population would not elect someone demonstrating that behavior to be president of the United States", Strzok said in explaining the text.

The two agents disparaged Trump throughout 2016, describing him as an "idiot" and a "menace".

Giuliani's words followed those of other Republicans who attempted to seize on Strzok's texts with Page and his testimony as evidence of political bias toward Trump and his campaign, and as proof that the entire Mueller probe was propped up by a "deep state" intent on thwarting Trump's administration.

"Agent Strzok had Hillary Clinton winning the White House before he finished investigating her", said Representative Trey Gowdy, Republican chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The FBI portrait, painted in agonizing detail by headline-hunting congressional interrogators, was an ugly view of an institution that once enjoyed a reputation for political independence, honesty and integrity. "It is not a hoax".

At the center of suspicion surrounding him are a series of text messages he exchanged with his lover, former Federal Bureau of Investigation attorney Lisa Page. In the text, Page says Trump is "not ever going to become president, right?"

Page had been subpoenaed to appear on Capitol Hill on Thursday, but did not comply with the order because Congress hadn't given her "sufficient time to prepare".

Mr Strzok's case has been used by the president and many Republicans to discredit Mueller's investigation on alleged ties between Trump's campaign and the Kremlin. Horowitz told lawmakers after the report's release that he is not confident that Strzok was unbiased during the FBI's investigation into Clinton's emails.

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"Well, hang on a second, Agent Strzok!"

"I think Peter Strzok did not come across particularly well, kind of priggish and to me kind of snooty and indignant".

Ultimately Strzok responded to a question from Gowdy about the early portion of the Russian Federation investigation by defending his own work and the work of the FBI. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte asked colleagues to imagine being investigated by someone who "hated you" and "disparaged you in all manner of ways".

Once special counsel Robert Mueller found out about his text messages he fired him from the Russian Federation investigation.

Strzok replied, "No, Mr. Gowdy, it wasn't".

Today Lisa Page will be questioned by members of Congress in a closed-door session, having had the benefit of watching Strzok's testimony on Thursday.

"If you were kicked off when he read the texts, shouldn't you have been kicked off when you wrote them?"

"I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there's no big there there", Strzok said in the text.

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