Oscars to Trim Some Awards From Telecast, Add a ‘Popular Film’ Category

The Oscars Will Be Adding A New Category To Honor ‘Popular’ Movies

Oscars 2020 Airdate Announced and Changes Teased by AMPAS

Will those changes be made effective immediately, or will it take the academy another year or so to work out the details? Specific categories will be determined at a later date, but the winning moments will be edited and aired in a later broadcast.

The Oscars are adding a new category to honor popular films and promising a brisk three-hour ceremony and a much earlier air date in 2020.

What's more, the ceremony's 2020 show will air even earlier in the year on February 9.

The 2019 Oscars will look a little different.

There's an important through-line, here.

While the Academy did not directly address the falling viewers for the telecast, it did admit that changes were necessary. They want those eyeballs. Here's what they had to say in a message sent out to members recently.

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Celebrating more movies and the people who make them is always good in a vacuum, and that is exactly what the Academy Awards should be all about. Really, what's being awarded is the best media campaign by a studio, and how they manuvered their movie in front of Academy members, who probably haven't even watched 85% of the entries in the first place.

Critics questioned whether a film like Black Panther would be relegated to the "popular" category only because it was a commercial success. There are no other details available about the award yet, including eligibility information, but the change is part of a continued effort by the Academy to keep the Oscars "relevant in a changing world".

Today's announcement seems like a decidedly inelegant gambit to accelerate, or perhaps do an end-run around, that process, and all for the goal of Nielsen ratings. To that end, the Academy's board of governors announced on Wednesday that future broadcasts will be three hours long.

As of now, it's unclear if these changes will be in effect during this winter's upcoming Oscars, or the 2020 telecast. The Oscars clarified that the new category will be included in the 2019 ceremony. This decision will likely affect the timing of other awards, and the announcement of that year's Oscar nominees - no Hollywood agent is going to happily agree to cutting the time allotted for Oscar campaigns two weeks shorter.

This week, there was a meeting at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that produced a few new changes that will, ostensibly, remold how the Oscars are handled from here on out.

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