Ocasio-Cortez Accused Primary Opponent of 'Avoiding a Debate — FLASHBACK

Los Angeles California. The rising political star is on her third trip away from New York in three weeks and is

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Schuette - an ally of President Donald Trump - easily defeated Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, conservative state Sen.

Kansas is considered one of the most solidly Republican states in the country ― it hasn't sent a Democrat to Congress in a decade, and Democrats' last serious run at winning a statewide race ended in defeat ― but Sanders insisted it was ripe for a progressive revolution.

The Democratic candidate for governor is a former leader of the Senate Democrats, Gretchen Whitmer. "No, I'll be a jobs governor".

Calling Gretchen Whitmer the most liberal member of anything is something her Democratic competitors would have contested during the primary.

"When we, for example, chose to take the affirmative and bold step into building an interstate highway system, into electrifying this country, into providing tuition-free public K-12 education, those are not capitalist things", she said.

Almost 2.2 million votes were cast, a 28 per cent spike over the 1.7 million mark from 2002, which is believed to be the previous record.

"The reality is, this is President Trump's Republican party".

Libertarian candidates were also on the primary ballot for the first time in MI history.

Whitmer will lead a four-strong, all-women ticket for the Democrats at the state level in MI.

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Stokes, who had been placed in a police van, the court heard that Mr. Hale allegedly suffered a fractured eye socket in the incident.

Whitmer was considered the favorite due to her political experience and broad support from organized labor and other key groups.

El-Sayed had the blessings of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, who campaigned for him on consecutive weekends ahead of the primary. She travels the state in a large bus marked with her trademark campaign slogan: "Fix The Damn Roads". She kept showing up for debates. "They told me I wouldn't be welcome here".

Now, just one day after she claimed she doesn't owe a "response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions", Ocasio-Cortez is being exposed for hypocrisy.

Green Party candidate Jennifer Kurland was unopposed in the primary.

"I need you to vote for both - they are very important to our great agenda", Trump said in the call.

Trump shocked the political establishment by winning MI in 2016, but recent polling has shown some of his support from independents and swing voters could be evaporating.

Republican candidates have stopped short of criticizing Trump regarding the tariffs, and have instead focused their campaign on the social and cultural issues that unite modern Republicans - such as anti-immigration policies or defunding Planned Parenthood. Libertarians also had a choice for governor on the primary ticket, for the first time in Michigan's history. Debbie Stabenow for re-election to a fourth term, lawyer Dana Nessel for state attorney general and election expert Joceyln Benson for secretary of state - which is already unprecedented. Indeed, recent interviews and comments from the superstar, who has a degree in economics from Boston University, indicate that she absorbed little at BU in the way of basic economic principles.

In the 8th district, which is crucial to Democrats' hopes of retaking the House, voters selected an establishment favorite, Elissa Slotkin, as the nominee. She will face the Republican incumbent, Mike Bishop, in race now rated a tossup.

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